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Koolbreeze Air Conditioners

Koolbreeze are a large, well known and experienced company that provide high quality units to many UK businesses, including local councils, leading hire companies and Alliance pharmacy, Boots. Koolbreeze manufacture robust and consistently reliable units that have passed rigorous quality standards and tests. They search internationally for easy fit, reliable units that provide an excellent range of features for the customer, and are sourced from highly reputable and established companies. Koolbreeze provide a variety or portable and wall breeze air conditioning systems, allowing for different outputs for different sized rooms in both residential and commercial properties. Many of the Koolbreeze units that we offer also have dual functionality, meaning that they can be switched automatically between heating and cooling modes and have several fan settings to create the ideal air conditioned environment. The extra benefit that is built in to many of the Koolbreeze units, is the dehumidifier option, allowing the moisture to be extracted from the air as it is cooled, providing a much more comfortable and healthy environment. For any further queries in regards to the Koolbreeze products that we supply, then please feel free to contact us at Aircon247, where we will be happy to discuss and provide information on the perfect unit for your personal or business requirements.

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Koolbreeze Climateasy 12 12000btu Ultra Light Weight portable air conditioner
The Climateasy 12 is a great option for those looking for...
Koolbreeze P12HDA Alaskan 12 12000Btu 3.5Kw Heating and Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit
Koolbreeze P12HDA Alaskan 12 12000Btu 3.5Kw heating and...
Koolbreeze P14HCP Climateasy 14 14000Btu Portable Air Conditioner
Koolbreeze P14HCP Climateasy 14 14000Btu 4.1Kw hot or cool...
Koolbreeze P16HCA Kompact 16 16000Btu 4.7kw Portable Heat Pump Air Conditioning Unit
Koolbreeze P16HCA Kompact 16 16000Btu 4.7kw portable heat...
Koolbreeze P15HCA 15000Btu 4.4Kw Heating or Cooling Climate Control Portable Air Conditioning System
Koolbreeze P15HCA 15000Btu 4.4Kw heating or cooling climate...
Koolbreeze P18HCA Kompact 18 5.3Kw Portable Air Conditioning unit
Midea/Toshiba GMCC Compressor 18000btu reverse cycle heat...

    • Split Air conditioning System
    • Portable units
    • toshiba Powered KFR-32 Split Air conditioning System
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