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Panasonic Etherea CS-E12PKEW/ CU-E12PKE 3.5kw 12000Btu Wall Mounted Inverter+ Split System

Panasonic Etherea CS-E12PKEW/ CU-E12PKE 3.5kw 12000Btu wall mounted Etherea inverter+ split system.
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Panasonic Etherea CS-E12PKEW/ CU-E12PKE 3.5kw 12000Btu Wall Mounted Etherea Inverter+ Split System

Panasonic’s new Etherea units offer maximum efficiency in every sense. They ensure minimum consumption, thanks to the new ECONAVI system, which intuits the level of human presence in a room and their level of activity and adjusts output accordingly. This feature provides up to 40% energy savings on heating mode, and up to 30% energy savings on cooling mode.

Panasonic super silent air conditioners guarantee the purest air to take care of you and your family. They boast sophisticated features, such as the E-ion plus purification system, designed to eliminate harmful microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and moulds and a system which prevents humidity in the room from dropping too far. Thanks to Mild Dry System.

Original Panasonic Inverter technology and a high-performance compressor provide top-class operating efficiency. This lets you enjoy lower electricity bills while contributing to environmental protection.

Silver Plated Kit     KIT-XE12-PKEW
Silver Plated Kit With Smartphone Control     KIT-XE12-PKE-WIFI
White Kit     KIT-E12-PKEW
White Kit With Smartphone Control     KIT-E12-PKEW-WIFI
Silver Plated Indoor     CS-XE12PKEW
White Indoor     CS-XE12PKEW
Outdoor     CU-E12PKE
Cooling Capacity Normal(Min-Max) KW 3.50(0.85-4.00)
EER Normal(Min-Max) Energy Saving 4.12(3.40-3.57)(A)
SEER Normal Energy Saving 6.6 (A)++
Pdesign (Cooling)     3.5
Power Input Cooling Normal(Min-Max) KW 0.850(0.250-1.120)
Annual Energy Consumption(Cooling)   KWh 186
Heating Capacity Normal(Min-Max) KW 4.00(0.85-6.00)
Heating Capacity At -7*C Normal KW 3.37
COP Normal Energy Saving 4.32(3.47-3.55)(A)
SCOP Normal Energy Saving 4.0(A)+
Pdesign At - 10*C   KW 3.2
Power Input Heating Normal(Min-Max) KW 0.925(0.254-1.690)
Annual Energy Consumption (Heating)   KWh 1120
Power Source(to indoor)Recommended Fuse   V / A 230 / 10
Connection indoor / outdoor   mm 4 x 1.5
Air Volume Cooling / Heating m / h 834 / 858
Sound Pressure Level Cooling - Heating(Hi/Lo/S-Lo) dB(A) 42/28/20-42/33/20
Dimensions / Net Weight H x W x D mm / kg 295x870x255/10
Air Purifier Filter     Nanoe-G
Sound Pressure Level Cooling / Heating (Hi) dB(A) 48 / 50
Dimensions / Net Weight H x W x D mm 619x824x299/34
Piping Connections Liquid Gas inch 1/4 - 3/8
Piping Length Range (Precharge) Min / Max m 3-15(7.5)
Elevation Difference (in/out) 4) Max m 15
Additional Gas   g/m 20
Operating Range Cooling Min / Max *C -10 / + 43
  Heating Min / Min *C -15 / + 24

Price includes VAT, delivery and 12 month guarantee.

Please do call or email if you require further information - lines are open 8am - 10pm seven days a week.

Please note there may be a surcharge for delivery to Scotland and Ireland. Please call for more information.

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