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LG Econo E09EL 2.5kw 9,000btu Inverter V Easy Install Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System

An efficient air conditioning system, the Econo from LG reduces energy consumption whilst maintaining high performance. Ideal for rooms up to 25 square meters.
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Product Description

LG Econo E09EL 2.5kw 9,000btu Inverter V Wall Mounted Easy Install Air Conditioning System

The Econo from LG features Active Energy Control which allows the used to adjust the energy levels to improve cooling efficiency and reduce power consumption. The unit also has Low Standby Power mode which operates three minutes after the system is switched off via the remote control. This means that power is only fed to the infoor unit so the remote control remains active during standby, thue keeping standby power to a minimum, 

  • Dual filtration system capturing dust and microscopic particles
  • Auto cleaning which dries the wet heat exchanger to prevent mould and bacteria
  • Sleep mode sound level which creates a quieter sleep environment for minimum disturbance
  • Outdoor quiet mode for less disturbance from the outdoor unit
  • Optimised 4-way airflow disperses cool air quickly and effectively in multiple directions

Cooling Capacity Min/Rated/Max kW 0.89 / 2.5 / 3.7
Heating Capacity Min/Rated/Max kW 0.89 / 3.2 / 4.1
Heating -7°C Rated W 3000
Power Input Cooling/Heating W 690 / 860
EER   W/W 3.62
SEER     5.9
P design C   kW 2.5
COP   W/W 3.72
P design H   kW 3.2
Annual Energy Consumption Cooling/Heating kWh 211 / 1400
Energy Label Cooling/Heating   A+ / A
Air Flow Rate Cooling Sleep m3/min 3.5
  Low/Med/High m3/min 5.5 / 8.0 / 10.0
  Max m3/min 12.0
Air flow Rate Heating Low/Med/High m3/min 6.5 / 8.0 / 10.0
Sound Pressure Level Cooling Indoor H/M/L/SL dB(A) 39 / 33 / 25 / 20
  Outdoor, max dB(A) 47
Sound Pressure Level Heating Indoor H/M/L dB(A) 39 / 33 / 28
Operation Range Cooling (Outdoor) °C -10 - 48
  Heating (Outdoor) °C -10 - 24
Compressor Type     Rotary
Fan (Indoor) Motor Output W 20
Fan (Outdoor) Motor Output W 43
Running Current Cooling Rated/Max A 4.9/6.5
  Heating Rated/Max A 4.6
Starting Current Cooling A 4.9
  Heating A 4.6
Circuit Breaker   A 15
Power Supply Cable Nxmm2   3x1.0
Power and Transmission Cable Nxmm2   4x0.75 (including earth)
Refrigerant Charge R410A g 900 at 7.5m
Additional Refrigerant Charge   g/m 20
Piping Connections Liquid Side mm(in) 6.35 (1/4)
  Gas Side mm(in) 9.52 (3/8)
Piping Length (Min/Max)   m 3 / 15
Max Elevation Difference   m 7
Drain House (O.D / I.D)   mm 21.5 
Dimensions Indoor (W x H x D) mm 798 x 292 x 214
  Outdoor (W x H x D) mm 717 x 483 x 230
Net Weight Indoor kg 8.5
  Outdoor kg 28

Prices include VAT and delivery. Stock is held in the UK for a quick turn around (usually 2 working days). Please feel free to call if you have any further questions. 
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