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Symphony Evaproative Air Coolers

Symphony are a leading manufacturer of Evaporative Air Cooling Solutions.  Evaporative Air Cooling differ from an Air Conditioning Unit in a variety of ways. Firstly, the capital cost is lower, the unit uses a water based refrigerant and they are eco-friendly.  These are just a small selection of reasons that make Symphony Evaporative Air Cooling Units a popular alternative to an Air Conditioning System. Symphony have worked for many years to develop systems which are not only cost effective but better for the environment.  With a high focus on technological advancement, Symphony have created a range which is hard to rival.   One of the most popular Symphony Evaporative Air Cooling systems is the Diet 22I Evaporative Air Cooler, which is the perfect balance of performance and style. The Diet 22I is one of the most energy efficient coolers available and features a full 12 month manufacturers warranty, given peace of mind to customers. If you require any further advice please contact our dedicated customer service team today, here at Aircon 247.


Symphony Air Coolers

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DiET Range Symphony 8i Evaporative Air Cooler
Energy efficient air cooler for spaces up to 12.5 square...
DiET Range Symphony 22i Evaporative Air Cooler
Energy efficienct air cooler for rooms up to 20 square meters...
Symphony HICOOL- Evaporative Air Cooler
Symphony HICOOL evaporative air cooler.
Symphony Hicool 20L Evaporative Air Cooler
Symphony Hicool 20L Evaporative Air Cooler.
Symphony SUMO-JR - Evaporative Air Cooler
Symphony SUMO-JR evaporative air cooler.
DiET Range Symphony 50i Evaporative Air Cooler
Low energy evaporative air cooler cools rooms up to 25 square...
Symphony WINTER i 56 litre evaporative air cooler
Cools areas up to 525 square feet.
Symphony SUMO-DLX - Evaporative Air Cooler
Symphony SUMO-DLX - Evaporative Air Cooler
Diet Range Symphony STORM 100i IP Rated Evaporative Air Cooler
A powerful, space saving solution for commercial/ industrial...

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