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Electrolux air conditioning products.

Electrolux's ground breaking products have been making life easier and more enjoyable for hundreds of millions of people all over the world since 1919. Electrolux sell more than 40 million products to customers in 150 countries every year, including over 5million domestic air conditioning units, and are the largest manufacturer of air conditioning in North America with over 3.3million units sold annually.

All Electrolux products are developed with the common Electrolux philosophy in mind: to make that extra effort to find out what people really need and want. The strap line "Electrolux is thinking about you" really is true: as a result of engaging with consumers in the home in order to understand their needs and wants, Electrolux's thoughtfully designed products result in a better user experience, and help make the user's life a little bit easier and more enjoyable. 

With almost 100 years of expertise, Electrolux have now developed a range of portable air conditioning units that are ideal for both domestic and office use.



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Electrolux EXP08CN1W6 8,000btu portable air conditioning unit
Replaced by the EXP09, follow this link;
Electrolux EXP12HN1W1 CompactCool 12,500btu portable air conditioner
The best unit for home, office, retail space up to 35 sqm...
Electrolux EXP09 Compact Cool 9,000btu portable air conditioner
Two year warranty and fantastic build quality from the market...

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