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EcoAir Air Conditioning

Ecoair are a company dedicated to making the world a little greener, ensuring they consider the impact each appliance in their formidable range will have on the environment. It is this conscientious commitment that has seen them rise to be one of the most popular modern day suppers of air conditioning products. In addition to this, they also have a range tailored to provide the ideal solution to almost any indoor cumulate need. Their wall mounted air conditioning units are available in Fixed speed, inverter, and window options, with further options including quick coupling, cold plasma, and multi split systems. Their portable Aircon units also prove to be the ideal solution for domestic climate control needs. To learn more about Ecoair, or to speak with an expert about your air conditioning needs, please contact us at Aircon247 dot com, where we will be happy to ensure you find the perfect solution to your problem.

Eco Air

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Eco Air ZEPHYR 16
Ultra quiet DC motor, powerful performance, and low energy....
Eco Air ECO8P 2.3kw 8,000btu portable air conditioner
Ideal for bedrooms and offices up to 20 square meters, this...
Eco Air ARTICA Mk2 WIFI 8,000btu Portable Air Conditioner
8,000btu portable air conditionerw with WIFI for all year...
Gree GPH12AJ 12,500btu remote control portable air conditioner by Eco Air
A self evaporating 3.5kw heat pump for office and domestic...
Eco Air CRYSTAL 9,000btu High Efficiency R32 Portable Air Conditioner
The UK's first R32 high efficiency portable air conditioner....
Eco Air ECO15P 4.4kw 15,000btu portable air conditioning unit
Cooling and heating for large offices, shops, restaurants,...
Eco Air GELO WIFI 9,000btu Portable Air Conditioner
9,000btu portable air conditioner with WIFI for all year...
Eco Air ECO1216SD 3.6kw 12,000btu Bravo Inverter Air Conditioning System
Easy install system for up to 35 sqm of space in retail,...
Eco Air ECO916SD 2.7kw 9000Btu Bravo Inverter Range 4m Easy Install Air Conditioning Unit
Eco Air ECO916SD 2.7kw Bravo Inverter range easy install...
Eco Air ECO950SD Z Series 2.6 kw 9000Btu Inverter Split Air Conditioning System.
A stylish, highly efficient heat pump for effective heating...
Eco Air ECO918SD 2.5kw 9000btu Cold Plasma Inverter Split Air Conditioning System
Eco Air ECO918SD Cold Plasma 2.5kw 9000btu easy install...
Eco Air APOLLO 12,000btu Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump
12,000btu portable air conditioner fit for all year round...
Eco Air ECO1250SD Z Series 3.6 kw 12000Btu Inverter Split Air Conditioning System.
A stylish, highly efficient heat pump for effective heating...
Eco Air ECO1850SD Z Series 5.2 kw 18000Btu Inverter Split Air Conditioning System.
A stylish, highly efficient heat pump for effective heating...
Eco Air ECO1816SD Bravo 5.4kw 18,000Btu easy install air conditioner
Inverter high wall split system for 45 sqm of domestic,...
Eco Air ECO1801SN Ultra 5.3Kw 18000btu Easy Install Heat Pump Air Conditioner with 10 Meter Pipe
Eco Air Ultra ECO1801SN 5.3Kw 18000btu Easy Install Heat...
Eco Air ECO2416SD 6.7kw 24000Btu Bravo Inverter Air Con System
Easy install split for up to 65 sqm of commercial, retail...

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