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When it comes to solar thermal water heating, SolarSmart is truly unique. Unlike many systems it works in conjunction with a combination boiler and has been simplified to make specification and installation as straightforward as possible, whilst maximising energy savings.

The solar panel collects energy from the sun – solar radiation, and transfers it to water that is pumped in to the drainback unit. This water heats a copper coil (or heat exchanger) through which water is fed into the cylinder.

The volume of stored water, if hot enough, can be fed direct to the tap (i.e. 60°C plus). When the stored water is preheated but not up to 60°C the solar valve diverts it via the combination boiler where it is heated up to the required temperature, but at a reduced gas rate.

The system doesn't require any complicated controls or accessories, so installation is straightforward and the end user can get maximum benefit from the system, without having to adjust any settings or programme a timer.

Conventional systems use a system boiler as a back up to supplement hot water supplies. However, they make no allowances for hot water demand - once the storage cylinder has been depleted of solar heated water, the boiler automatically fires up to replenish the cylinder. This can be wasteful if there is no imminent need for that volume of stored, heated water.

SolarSmart comprises a flat plate collector (installed on the roof), a drain back unit and unvented storage cylinder. Alpha's complete solar system also incorporates the patented Alpha Solar Valve.


Alpha Solar Smart

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Alpha Solarsmart landscape roof fixing flashing kit
Alpha SolarSmart landscape roof fixing flashing kit.
Alpha Solarsmart portrait roof fixing flashing kit
Alpha SolarSmart portrait roof fixing flashing kit.
Alpha Solarsmart flat roof fixing kit landscape only
Alpha Solarsmart flat roof fixing kit landscape only.
Alpha Solarsmart Portrait Collector
Solarsmart portrait collector by Alpha Heating Innovation.
Alpha Solarsmart Landscape Collector
Solarsmart landscape collector by Alpha Heating Innovation.
Alpha SolarSmart on-tile fixing kit
Alpha SolarSmart on-tile fixing kit.
Alpha SolarSmart on-slate fixing kit
Alpha SolarSmart on-slate fixing kit.
Alpha Solarsmart 90 Pack
Solarsmart 90 pack by Alpha Heating Innovation.

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