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Baxi Solarflo collects the free power of the sun to heat solar panels on the roof and turns this renewable energy into thermal heat to create hot water for the home.

It's simple, effective and entirely renewable which is good for the environment - and good for future generations.

The Baxi Solarflo consists of three main elements:

  • Solar collector panels
  • Hydraulic pump station and controller
  • Solar cylinder (available separately)

How does it work?

The solar panels are mounted on the roof and absorb the heat from the sun's rays, transferring the heat to a fluid.

The fluid is circulated from the panels through to a special solar coil in the base of the hot water cylinder.

The heat is transferred to the stored water and then returns to the panels to be re-heated and continue the process.

How much hot water does the Baxi Solarflo generate?

During the summer months, it can generate as much as 100% of the domestic hot water required for an average household.

In the winter, as much as 30% can be generated, with the remainder being provided either by a conventional boiler or electric immersion heater.

On average, it will generate around 50-60% of the annual domestic hot water requirement.**

How many solar collector panels will I need?

The number of solar panels needed relates to the size of the solar cylinder.

The size of cylinder required is dependent on:

  • the number of people in the household
  • the amount of hot water required daily for baths, showers etc.
  • number of panels may also depend on available roof space.

Typically, a home with a family of four will need two solar collector panels.


 Key features and benefits

  • Solar power can reduce hot water heating costs by up to 60%** annually
  • Low environmental impact: can reduce carbon emissions by around 400kg per year (depending on the fuel replaced)
  • Baxi Solarflo can link with traditional heating systems
  • 10 year transferable warranty* on Baxi SolarfloTM Collector panels 
  • 25 year transferable inner container warranty* of Heatrae Sadia cylinders.
  • Two year transferable warranty* on all other components.


 Did you know.?

  • That your property will receive a higher rated Energy Performance Certificate in the Government's new Home Information Packs.
  • You'll only pay 5% VAT on your Baxi Solarflo when it is fitted by a qualified installer
  • Up to £400 in grants are available from the Low Carbon Buildings Programme

* Subject to registration

** Variable saving dependent upon type of solar system used, location and usage patterns

Baxi Solarflo

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