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Vokera Renewable Solutions

Vokera offer a comprehensive range of renewable technology solutions that are fully supported by the Vokera Pre Sales Support Team who offer the engineer, architect, specifier or developer all round technical advice at the point of product specification for specific applications. If a technology is not completely familiar, Vokera's pre sales advice provides support and reassurance that you are specifying the suitable product for the specific application, which is particularly useful for renewable technology solutions and light commercial boilers.

All Vokera Zenith collectors are of high build quality and are designed to use both direct sunlight and daylight to gain the maximum amount of energy throughout the year. Zenith collectors have a special coating to ensure high energy transmission from the suns rays and daylight to the liquid within the collector. The glass is tempered to protect against extreme weather, such as hail-stones, with low iron oxide content to minimise corrosion.

The Vokera Zenith ranges are pressurised systems, which provides greater flexibility when siting the collector and an enhanced performance.

A pressurised system means that there is a faster reaction time to daylight and sunlight, maximising the sun's energy.

Positioning of collector on the roof

It is important to consider the position of the collector(s) on the roof to maximise financial and CO2 savings. The fundamental factor that affects the efficiency of the collector(s) is the angle of inclination in relation to the sun.

It is ideal for the collectors to be positioned on a south facing roof at an angle between 35 and 45 degrees. If this is not possible, i.e. the roof is facing east, then a split system would produce maximum efficiency. This is where one collector is placed on the east facing side of the roof and another on the west.

What package do I need?

As a guide you will require 1m squared of solar collector per person living in the household. Each Zenith Solar Collector is over 2m squared, therefore the Zenith standard single collector package should be installed for a two person household and the Zenith premium double collector package for a household of four persons and so on.

You can connect up to 6 collectors in a series, however if you do require more than 2 collectors please contact our technical department to help you order the correct additional fixings.


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