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Should I Purchase an Air Conditioner?

Should I Purchase an Air Conditioner?

Many people struggle with the idea of buying an air conditioner. They can be seen as costly when you consider the initial purchase coupled with the running cost, but they do create the perfect environment for you and your family.  There are a couple of factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner unit. Of course one of the biggest concerns is always budget but finding the money to purchase an air conditioner may actually be easier than you think. There are a vast range of models available today with prices starting at around £100.

You may also be able to work the cost of running the air conditioner into your budget without too much adjustment. A well thought out plan can help you stay cool and make it affordable but before you move forward and run out to purchase that all important air conditioner, consider the following; 

Your Needs

Is the bedroom, living room or conservatory just too hot and stuffy?  An air conditioning unit can dramatically alter your environment to create a cooler more comfortable atmosphere.  An air conditioning unit is a good investment for your home or office as it consistently controls the temperature of the room, most units come with remote control access, programable timers and an automatic shut off when the room reaches the desired temperature. 

Do You Live in a Rented Accommodation?

If you live in rented accommodation and are considering buying an air conditioner than you will likely need the permission from the landlord unless you are willing to purchase a portable unit. Window air conditioning units almost always need to have prior approval before they are installed. Portable air conditioning units are a good overall option as they can be easily moved from room to room. You can also choose to buy a vent-less unit that does not require that you have a window to vent. 

Think About the Alternatives

If Air Conditioning feels a little too costly a dehumidifier may be a great option. They work by removing moisture from the air, preventing the room from feeling “humid” when it gets hot. There is a big difference in the comfort level of a room when the moisture has been removed.  The two biggest selling points of a dehumidifier is that they can be cheaper than air conditioning and can be less expensive to run since they are not technically generating any air flow to cool the air.  They also are typically a lot more portable. If you do opt for a dehumidifier make sure that you buy one that has a large enough collection tank to hold the moisture from the room that you plan on using it in. It is important to remember with a Dehumidifier that you will have empty the collection tank out every day or so. Another alternative to consider an Air Conditioning unit with a dehumidifier built in, providing the best of both worlds.

Purchase a Unit With a Reliable Thermostat 

If you do decide to purchase an Air Conditioning unit remember a few important points; Invest in a unit that has a thermostat and/or timer. You do not have to run your air conditioner when you are not home. A lot of people mistakenly believe that running your air conditioner when you are not home will save money by keeping the room cool and at a certain temperature. The reality is that the only thing that running your air conditioner does it keep a room cool that no one is there to enjoy. By running your system conservatively and by purchasing a unit that has a reliable thermostat and/or a timer you can save on the costs of running an air conditioning unit. If you leave for work you can pre set your unit to start cooling an hour before you get home!

Proper Placement 

You may be able to curtail some of the cost of running an air conditioner by ensuring that you properly position the unit for maximum efficiency. Avoid areas where the sun beats down on the unit. The unit will have to work much harder if it is under constant assault from direct sunlight. You also do not want to place the unit near a doorway that opens and closes often because again, it will have to work much harder (and run up your electricity costs in the mean time) to keep things at the temperature you want. Read more about placing your air conditioner here.

The fact is that in many cases spending the money on a good air conditioner will make life a lot more comfortable. 

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