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Industry News - Tracking Air Compounds And More With New Smart AC Controller

Those who lack a central air conditioning system are definitely going to want to take a look at the Monolyth. This new system from Entia claims to be revolutionary in a number of ways. A quick look at what the system can bring to its customers at least suggests the very real possibility that the company is going to be able to back up those claims.

Smart AC Controller

Entia is an automation company based out of Slovenia. The company has released a number of appealing products over the years. All of these products seek to make the lives of consumers both easier to manager and safer for everyone involved. The Monolyth is one of their more recent products released to the market, and it’s already getting a number of positive reviews from those who have used it.

The AC controller offered with The Monolyth product claims to be a smart device. It does indeed seem to live up to that possibility. It’s possible to go online to track how the system is functioning, but it’s also possible to use a mobile app to maintain constant awareness of how the system is behaving. What is perhaps most appealing about this smart AC controller is its ability to keep track of the volatile organic compounds that are in the room. You can learn more about the product here.

New Controller Features

It’s nothing new for an AC controller to give one the ability to maintain complete control of energy usage and comfort levels. Entia understands this, which is why The Monolyth sought to bring something a little bit different to the table.

While you can still very easily control the comfort levels and energy usage of the unit, the controller seeks to be much more than that. The system itself seeks to tap into a market that has been highly under-utilised by other companies. There are many people who need a powerful system that do not have a central system currently in place. To that end, the Monolyth is definitely being touted as something that’s worth a look.

The system will be controlled via WiFi. Consumers will be able to control the various settings offered with The Monolyth with their phone or their tablet. Some of the settings that are included with the system and the smart controller are fairly standard. It will be possible to establish a schedule, customise push notifications, take the current weather conditions into consideration, and even manage multiple systems in various locations. The device promises that as time goes on, it will learn more and more about your schedule. With an understanding of when you typically leave the house, when you get up in the morning, and when you go to bed in the evening, it will be able to establish settings that will be based on two things. The settings will be based on your behaviour, and the settings will be based upon what you’ve established with your particular system. As time goes on, the system will only get smarter and smarter at giving you the climate settings you want when you are most likely to want them.

It is believed that the device’s ability to monitor volatile organic compounds is truly going to be a feature with the device that’s worth getting excited about. Many are calling this an addition to the product that has the potential to actually save lives. You may also like to read more about the Tado Air Conditioning controller here.

Monolyth air conditioning

The Future Of Air Conditioning 

When compared to more traditional air conditioning systems, the savings associated with this device are going to be considerable. The system will only work when someone is in the room, and it will only work within what it has learned about what that person considers to be comfortable. 

It is believed that the system will be able to save a person as much as forty percent on their energy costs. One of the reasons for this will be due to the system’s ability to simply switch off when a person is no longer in the room. 

The future of air conditioning systems is an intriguing one. Looking over the Monolyth from Entia provides a clear indication of what air conditioning systems are going to be capable of as time goes on. It will even be possible for a developer to take this system and have it integrated into a third-party system. The benefits of this system are many, and it doesn’t seem like something that brings a lot of drawbacks to the table either.

The developers behind The Monolyth are planning to raise funds through crowd funding. The Indiegogo campaign is currently ongoing. Prizes associated with contributing to the campaign include being able to purchase the device for the extremely low price of just seventy-nine dollars. The expected retail price for the product when it is released to the general public will likely be somewhere in the one-hundred-and-forty-nine-dollars range.  

This product is well worth watching in the coming months. As always, should you have any questions on finding the ideal air conditioning solution for your situation please contact our team of experts at Aircon247.

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