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Air Conditioning Installations

Air Conditioning Installations

The joys of DIY are many, but so are the dangers. Fortunately, there are a lot of jobs that an individual can do, with some simple instructions; like installing an air conditioner. You can do it yourself if the job is too small to hire a contractor, and if you feel confident enough to enjoy the journey.

The key to DIY is planning and following the plan through to the end of the project. Shortcuts, distractions, and rabbit trails away from the instructions can lead to lack of product performance, or no performance at all, and expensive backtracking to hunt down missing steps.

Installation should actually begin before the AC unit is purchased. Remember, you may contact Aircon247 should you require further assistance.



Before purchasing:

  • Calculate the size of the room to be cooled
  • You need to know your BTUs before you buy
  • Make sure electrical service is adequate and there are dedicated AC outlets
  • Nothing worse than bring home an appliance and finding out you can’t plug it in
  • Inspect window frames and wall strength
  • If its going to be mounted, make sure what its going to be mounted on is up to the task
  • Check out our buyers guide for more information.

At the store:

Know the language
  • A BTU is a British Thermal Unit
  • An ERR is the Energy Efficiency Ratio
Know the parts
  • A Thermostat controls your temperature
  • A Filter cleans your air
  • A Chassis is the frame that supports your AC unit

Guidelines for setting up your AC installation

  • Find a nice clean spot
  • Out of the way of heat sources and direct sunlight
  • Away from other pipes containing gas or water
  • 7 feet above the ground and 6 feet from the ceiling
  • 3 feet from other powers objects
  • Add a frame if the wall won’t support the AC’s weight
Mount it
  • Press a mounting plate to the wall
  • Use a level
  • Drill holes
  • Insert plastic anchors and tapping screws
  • Make a hole for piping
  • Consider the placing of the mounting bracket and the distance to the outside
  • Drill a 3 inch hole through the wall, sloping down to the outside, for proper drainage
  • Insert a flexible flange Make the Connections
  • Remove the cover of the unit Check cable wires.
  • Are they connected to the screw terminals?
  • Do they match the unit diagram?
  • Connect the pipes
  • Run the piping through the hole
  • Cut a ¼” PVC pipe a little shorter than the length between your interior and exterior walls
  • Cap interior end of the PVC pipe.
  • Put the pipe in the hole Bundle copper pipes, power cables and drain pipe together with electrical tape.
  • Place drain pipe on bottom of bundle to ensure free water flow Secure pipe to indoor unit
  • Attach water drainage pipe to indoor base
  • Run the bundled pipe and cables through the hole.
  • Secure it Secure the indoor mounting plate
  • You’re done!

Here are some guidelines for setting it up an outside unit:

  • Choose the best place
  • Place the unit away from areas heavily trafficked,dusty, or hot areas
  • Make sure to plan on allowing a 12” perimeter around the unit
  • Lay a level concrete pad
  • Build it high enough to raise the condenser well above the level of winter rain runoff and snow drifts
  • Put rubber cushioning under the unit’s feet to minimize vibration
  • Keep media antennas more than 10 feet from the condenser.
  • Connect electrical wires Remove the unit cover
  • Check the wiring diagram
  • Fasten cables and replace the cover
  • Secure pipes
  • Secure flair nuts to the pipes on the outdoor unit
  • And you’re done!

Here are some guidelines for setting it up a Split System Air Conditioner:

  • Bleed it to remove air and humidity
  • Remove caps from 2-way and 3-way valves
  • Connect a vacuum pump hose to the service port Run vacuum until it reaches vacuum of 10mm Hg
  • Close the low pressure knob, turn off the vacuum
  • Test all valves and joints for leaks
  • Disconnect vacuum and replace caps
  • Wrap piping joints with insulation
  • Affix piping to the wall with clamps
  • Seal the hole in your wall with expanding polyurethane foam
  • And you’re done!

Here are some money saving tips to remember while using your new unit:

  • Keep your thermostat between 72 and 78 degrees.
  • Each degree under 78 will increase your energy usage by 8%
  • Check your refrigerants often.
  • Too much fluid can be just as bad as too little fluid because it will keep your unit from working at its peak level
  • Bath and kitchen fans can effect your AC units performance. Use them sparingly
  • Keep the load off your AC unit’s back by shading east and west windows, and delaying heat producing activities like dishwashing and baking until evening
  • Try not to use a dehumidifier while your AC is working. The dehumidifier will force your unit to work harder
  • Keep the house tightly closed during the day and ventilate at night, if you have to
  • Installing an AC unit is a process that begins with planning that carries the DIYer through to the store and home again to actually follow instructions for installation.
  • Anyone can do, if they follow the plan, but some will call an installer, and that’s ok too.

Contact Aircon247 for more advice.

We specialise in offering the highest quality air conditioning, cooling and heating equipment coupled with design, installation, repair and maintenance services for both the commercial and domestic climate control market.

Our clients range from individual consumers to Blue Chip organisations. The solutions we offer range from the design, installation and maintenance of large scale VRV projects for office blocks through to the supply of easy to install split air conditioning and heating systems, conservatory through wall air conditioning and heating systems and portable air conditioning units for sale and for hire.

Our mission is to supply all our customers top quality products and support services at highly competitive prices whilst providing outstanding customer service throughout. Please contact us and let us advise you on the best appliances to suit your needs.

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