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If you prefer to live in an energy-efficient manner, but you still want to cool your space, mobile air conditioning may be just the thing you need. Lowering the overall temperature in rooms you're not using is simply wasteful. At Aircon247, we offer a splendid selection of mobile air conditioning units that are entirely portable. Roll a unit into the room you intend to spend time in. Only pay to cool the space you're actually using. Mobile air conditioning makes sense both environmentally and financially.

Here at Aircon247, we stock and sell all sorts of mobile air conditioning units that are appropriate for home, office and classroom applications. If you like the idea of a split system, we offer several two-part units that are connected by a hose. This split feature allows one to keep the noisy machinery part of the system outside while cooling an interior space. Mobile air conditioning makes it easy to maintain a comfortable space around yourself while you work, play or sleep.
Summers in the UK can be much hotter than you expect. Recent years have seen global temperatures that are well above the usual. There seems to be no end to this warming trend. When summer rolls around again, be sure you can control your interior climate. Here at Aircon247, we stock and sell a marvelous assortment of air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and conservatory purposes. We offer floor, ceiling and wall-mount units, as well as a fine selection of mobile air conditioning units. Browse our pages to see a wide variety of Mitsubishi air conditioning units, along with air conditioning systems by such manufacturers as Airrex, Enviromax, Calorex, Eco Air and Honeywell. If you can name an air conditioning systems manufacturer, there's an excellent chance that we have their units in stock.
Many of our customers are quite satisfied with mobile air conditioning. The Amcor AMB10KE 2.4kw / 8,000btu mobile air conditioning units are the right size for keeping things cool in a home or office or classroom space. These units are sleek, elegant and very quiet. If you have ever been near industrial air con units, you already know how noisy they can be. These Amcor mobile air conditioning units make hardly a peep while in operation. These Amcor mobile air conditioning units are easy to move from room to room, to keep things cool wherever you may be and whatever you are doing. Residential and commercial air conditioning is the modern and effective way to keep your interior environment comfortable. If you submit your order today, we may be able to deliver your air conditioning systems tomorrow. Please be sure to review our Terms and Conditions page prior to placing your order. If you would rather speak with an actual, live human, please call us on 0845 363 7149. We would be delighted to speak with you any day of the week, between the hours of 8AM and 10PM. We are always happy to hear from new or returning Aircon247 customers.
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