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If you rent your home or office space, you are probably disallowed from installing any sort of permanent fixtures. Still, you may wish to control your interior climate during cold winter nights and blazingly hot summer months. What can you do? Space heaters and portable air conditioning units may be exactly what you need. Here at Aircon247, we are all about comfort and livability. When the rooms you live and work in are too hot or too cold, it's just about impossible to function. When your rooms are at an optimum temperature, you can live and work in relative comfort.

We offer a fine assortment of portable air conditioning units as well as space and room heaters, dehumidifiers and fans. We have been in the comfort business for a long time, and we know which products are worth offering to our esteemed customers. We understand that many of our clients live in rented homes, so we stock and sell an excellent variety of portable air conditioning units that are sleek, easy to move and very cost-effective. There's really no reason to lower the temperature of rooms that you are not actively using. With portable air conditioning units, you simply roll the unit into the room you intend to use, turn it on and enjoy near-immediate cooling comfort.
Browse our complete inventory right here on our website. You will find portable air conditioning units in sizes to suit every application. Find portable A/C to cool a room in your house, a classroom, an office, warehouse or industrial space. Tell us about the space you wish to cool, and we will tell you how many portable air conditioning units you will need. Portable air conditioning units are the ideal solution for rental spaces and older homes that have no central cooling system. One good thing about portable air conditioning units is you can take them with you when you move to a new place. Of course, we also offer a fine selection of portable room heaters, as well. We are interested in keeping you comfortable, no matter what the season. If you use portable air conditioning units in an office environment, you are sure to see productivity increase and employee morale improve in significant ways.
We gladly accept MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and other major credit cards. Our ordering system utilises 228-bit encryption, and we will never sell your contact information or share it with anyone outside of the Aircon247 family. We are pleased to provide free shipping to mainland UK addresses. If you place your order today, we may be able to deliver your portable air conditioning units tomorrow. Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions page prior to submitting your order. If you would prefer to speak with an living human, please call us on 0845 363 7149. We would be delighted to speak with you any day of the week, between the hours of 8AM and 10PM.
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  • Portable units
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