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Broughton AHU50 100kw Air Handling Unit

Broughton AHU50 100kw air handling unit for heating and cooling.
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Broughton AHU50 100kw Air Handling Unit

Broughton have made portable cooling equipment for over 30 years, it’s what they know and it’s what they do. Fixed and portable equipment are different, they work to different parameters. Essentially they might do the same thing, e.g. produce cool air, but the how and why often vary wildly. Fixed equipment is permanent; it’s there 24/7 to do a job but portable equipment is temporary; normally an emergency measure that needs to be up and running quickly.

Alas this seems to have been misunderstood in the manufacture of air handling units which are more often than not made by specialists in fixed installations. They’re either huge and unmanageable or small and pretty but not up to the exacting demands
of the hire industry. By taking everything we’ve learnt over the last 30+ years and applying it to our AHU30 & 50 we are now able to offer an ideal solution that bridges these two extremes.

The AHU 30 & 50 use close set fin and tube design and the very latest heat transfer technology allowing us to reduce the overall dimensions massively, to much more manageable levels. Not only does this allow them to be much more manoeuvrable than
units with similar outputs but they’re ideal for use in restricted spaces such as server rooms and can be very easily installed. With incredibly powerful airflows the cold air can be delivered via either ducting or directional louvers ensuring it gets to exactly where it’s needed. The AHU30 & 50 can also be connected directly onto existing chillers, boilers or heating and cooling plant. Finally it is wrapped up in 1.2mm steel with an oven hardened finish so they can take the knocks of regular transportation and installation associated with temporary installations.

  • Variable fan speed.
  • Thermostat.
  • Can be ducted.
  • Can be used to heat or cool.
  • Easy to install.
  • Condensate pump.
  • Pump purge.
  • Tough steel construction.

Price includes VAT, delivery (3-4 working days) and 12 months warranty.

Please call if you require further information or advice - lines open 8am - 10pm seven days a week.

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