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Fujitsu ABYG24LVTA / AOYG24LBCB 7.1kw Floor/ Ceiling Universal A+/A rated Inverter Air Conditioning System

Fujitsu ABYG24LVTA / AOYG24LBCB 7.1kw floor/ ceiling universal A+/A rated inverter air conditioning system.
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Fujitsu ABYG24LVTA / AOYG24LBCB 7.1kw Floor/ Ceiling Universal A+/A rated Inverter Air Conditioning System

Fujitsu air conditioning ABY units are powerful units with the latest inverter technology. The indoor unit has a innovative L shaped cover that allows condensate to be collected in any position. This allows the user to mount the unit on the floor or the ceiling. The indoor units can also be semi-inserted into a false ceiling by as as much as 150mm with 140mm of the unit visible. 

Unlike conventional systems, the Fujitsu inverter technology adapts the speed of the compressor to the needs of each moment, consuming only the energy required. This allows temperature swings to be reduced drastically and maintains a margin of between ±0,5ºC, providing greater room temperature stability and comfort.



  Indoor ABYG2LVTA
  Outdoor AOYG24LBCB
Nominal Capacity (kW) Cooling 6.80 (0.90-8.00)
  Heating 8.00 (0.90-9.10)
Power Consumption (kW) Cooling 2.21
  Heating 2.26
EER / COP (Nominal Conditions) 3.08 / 3.54
Pdesign (kW) @ -10°C Cooling 6.80
  Heating 6.00
SEER Cooling 5.60
SCOP Heating (Average) 3.90
Energy Efficiency Class Cooling A+
  Heating (Average) A
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh/a) Cooling 425
  Heating 2150
Moisture Removal l/h 2.70
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm Inner 199x990x655
  Outer 578x790x315
Net Weight (kg) Inner 27
  Outer 44
Room Air Circulation (high) m3/h Inner 980
  Outer 2470
Power Supply V-PH-Hz 230 / 1 / 50
Power Supply To Outdoor
Running Current (A) Cooling 9.70
  Heating 9.90
Starting Current A 9.90
Fuse Rating A 25
Interconnecting Cable 3 + E
Remote Control Type Wireless
Sound Pressure (dB(A) Cooling) Indoor Q/L/M/H 35/40/44/48
  Outdoor H 52
Sound Power (dB(A) Cooling) Indoor H 61
  Outdoor H 67
Max Pipe Length m 30
Max Height Difference m 20
Refrigerant Charge m 15
Additional Refrigerant Charge g/m 20
Pipe Size (inches) Gas 5/8 (15.88mm)
  Liquid 1/4 (6.35mm)
Operating Range (°C) Cooling -10~46
  Heating -15~24
Refrigerant R410A

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