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Hitachi S-Series RAK-25PSB 2.5kW Inverter Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System

A wall mounted inverter air conditioning system from Hitachi. With energy saving features, the S-Series performs extremely well whilst reducing costs.
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Product Description

Hitachi S-Series RAK-25PSB 2.5kW Inverter Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System.

Hitachi is one of Japan's giant electronics conglomerates renowned for quality, their air conditioning and heat pump systems are no exception. The Hitachi Summit range offers energy efficiency with many other manufacturers using their efficient inverter driven compressors (outdoor units). Hitachi has pioneered energy efficient systems with the outdoor unit using Hitachi’s pioneered PAM inverter drive system.  

The Hitachi S-Series range is available in nominal cooling capacities 1.8kW to 3.5kW and excellent efficiency. With stainless steel components for purer air and an energy saving sensor, the S-Series has everything you need for efficient, pure cooling and heating. 

Product Features
  • High seasonal performance: SCOP A++ 4.7 and SEER A+++ 8.5
  • Volt free contact: Volt free contact of the air conditioning system - can be used to turn the unit on/off remotely after receiving a signal such as a key-card, door or window switch, specifically uselful in hotel rooms to prevent unnecessary use (accessory SPXWDC3 is required)
  • Super quiet: Low levels courtesy of low fan speeds 
  • Stainless clean: the components in the indoor unit (including filter) are stainless steel for greater air quality
  • Energy saving sensor: this operates the unit depending on the presence or absence of people in the room 
  • Remote control: user friendly, easy to use infra-red remote control with 24hr/7 day timer as well as a weekly timer with up to 6 patterns
  • Leave home function: set the temperature to 10°C automatically when you are away for up to 99 days
  • DC Inverter: as the pioneer of DC Inverter drivern units, Hitachi outdoor units boast significant advantage of all DC Inverter driven compressors and fans allowing for complete control of capacity and temperature
  • Heating/cooling only operation: 2 ways of setting room temperature display
  • Outdoor unit constant power: maintains a heated output up to -15°C even during the coldest periods
Nominal Cooling Capacity (min-max) kW 2.5 (0.5-3.4)
Sensible Cooling Capacity   kW 2.2
UK Cooling Capacity (sensible)   kW 2.7 (2.4)
Nominal Heating Capacity  (min-max) kW 3.2 (0.6-5.8)
Nominal Cooling Power Input (min-max) kW 0.470 (0.070-0.960)
Nominal Heating Power Input (min-max) kW 0.57 (0.06-1.41)
Seasonal Efficiency  SEER   8.5
Energy Efficiency Class     A+++
Annual Energy Consumption   kWh/yr 103
Seasonal Efficiency (Average Climate) SCOP   4.7
Energy Efficiency Class     A++
Annual Energy Consumption   kWh/yr 802
Nominal Load Efficiency EER/COP   5.32/5.61
Energy Class (cool/heat)   A/A
Noise Level Cooling (Sound Pressure) (SL/L/M/H) dB(A) 22/28/34/42
Noise Level Heating (Sound Pressure) (SL/L/M/H) dB(A) 22/30/34/42
Noise Level (Sound Power)   dB(A) 56
Air Flow Cooling Mode (SL/L/M/H) m³/h 260/300/420/510
Air Flow Heating Mode (SL/L/M/H) m³/h 260/370/520/600
Dehumidification   l/hr 1.4
Dimensions HxWxD mm 295x798x258
Weight   kg 12.0
Power Supply     230V / 1Ph / 50Hz
Drain Diameter (ext)     Ø16mm
Remote Control Standard   Infra Red (RAR-5W1)
  Optional   Wired (SPX-RCDB)
Outdoor Unit     RAC-25WSB
Noise Level Cooling (Sound Pressure) Night Mode dB(A) 48
Noise Level Heating (Sound Pressure) Night Mode dB(A) 48
Noise Level (Sound Power)   dB(A) 62
Air Flow (Cooling/Heating)   m³/h 1860/1620
Dimensions HxWxD mm 600x792x299
Weight   kg 40
Piping Diameter (Liquid/Gas) Inch 1/4 - 1/2
    mm 6.35 - 12.70
Minimum Pipe Length   m 3.0
Maximum Pipe Length   m 20
Maximum Height Difference   m 10
Current Quantity of Refrigerant   kg 1.35
Chargeless/Additional Refrigerant   m / g/m 20 / -
Power Supply     230V / 1Ph / 50Hz
Recommended Fuze Size   A 25
Starting Current   A 3.37/3.53
Running Current (Cooling/Heating)   A 0.30-4.17/0.28-9.78
Interconnecting Cables   No. 3+E
Working Range (Cooling/Heating)   °C -10-43 / -20-21
Refrigerant / GWP     R410A / 1975
Compressor Type     Scroll

Hitachi Air Conditioning systems benefit from a 3 year warranty subject to correct installation.

We know that choosing a system can be a challenge. We try to include all the relevant information to make it easy for the customer to self checkout but we do have an expert team on hand if you need any assistance. 

Prices include VAT and delivery to a UK Mainland address, excluding Highlands. 

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