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Unico Smart 12 HP 2.6kw fixed through wall heating and cooling all in one air conditioner - available with Wi-Fi Kit

2.6kw quiet fixed through wall heating and cooling air conditioner that does not require the installation of an outdoor condensing unit.
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Wi-FI Kit

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Product Description
Unico Smart 12HP 2.6kw fixed through wall heating and cooling air conditioner that does not require the installation of an outdoor condensing unit.  

The Unico On Off air conditioners are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. The air-conditioning system can be dual managed using both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

Features & Benefits of the Unico On Off:-

Wi-Fi Availability -
Control the climate in your office or home better than ever before, by simply purchasing the Unico Wi-Fi Kit and downloading the smart Unico App.

Heat Pump Technology - Unico On Off units incorporating both cooling and heating modes reach very high energy efficiency levels, finding the right balance between perfect cooling and effective heating making them ideal for winter as well as summer.

Optimal Air Flow & Distribution - Air flow and air distribution are key elements for achieving perfect comfort. Unico generates up to 490 cubic meters of air flow which is distributed efficiently thoughout the room thanks to the large sized air vent (690mm x 60mm) which results in reduced power consumption whilst still delivering the same high performance cooling and heating.

Quiet In Operation - They say silence in golden, and it's no more important than in the home. The Unico On Off is quiet in operation so will not disturb relaxation or even more importantly, a good night's sleep. Even in the office quiet air conditioning is imperative: the Unico On Off will not disturb office staff when using the telephone or carrying out daily tasks, creating an effective and efficient working environment.

Installation Options - the Unico On Off range has been designed and developed to offer both low and high wall installations, giving that extra flexibility to accomodate interior design ideas.

Quick & Easy Installation - thanks to innovative technical features, it only takes a few minutes to prepare the unit for either low or high wall installation. No outside work is needed to install Unico air conditioning units, meaning no difficult external installation procedures or inter-connecting pipe work to fit.

Installation Savings - with only one unit to install and no pipe work to fit, installing Unico will save precious installation time and in turn reduce costs.

External Wall Impact - the visual impact on the outside wall is minimal with only two small grilles, each 202mm in diameter.

Easy maintenance - The Unico On Off unit has been developed to ensure all components are easily accessible during maintenance.

Simple Filter Cleaning - filter cleaning is extremely simple: carefully lift the air flap, then pull out the double filter and it is read y to be cleaned.

 Smart 12 HP    
Cooling Capacity kW 2.6
Heating Capacity kW 2.5
Input power in cooling mode W 945
Input power in heating mode W 830
Annual power consumption in cooling mode kWh 473
Dehumidification capacity l/h 1.1
Voltage/Frequency V-F-Hz 230-1-50
E.E.R. - 2.75
C.O.P. - 3.01
Energy efficiency class in cooling mode - A
Energy efficiency class in heating mode - A
Fan speed (internal/external) - 3/3
Indoor air flow in cooling mode (max/med/min) m3/h 360-430-490
Indoor air flow in heating mode m3/h 330-400-450
Outside air flow in cooling mode (max/min) m3/h 500-340
Outside air flow in heating mode (max/min) m3/h 500-340
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 902x516x229
Weight (without packaging) kg 40
Sound level dB (A) (min-max) 34-43
Diameter of holes in wall mm 202
Refrigerant gas/load Type/kg R410A/0.590
Maximum remote control (distance/angle) m/degrees 8/80
Operational Limits  Indoor Temperature Outdoor Temperature
Operating temperature - max in cooling mode 35 Degrees Centigrage  43 Degrees Centigrage
Operating temperature - min in cooling mode 18 Degrees Centigrade 18 Degrees Centigrade
Operating temperature - max in heating mode 27 Degrees Centigrade 24 Degrees Centigrade
Operating temperature - min in heating mode - -15 Degrees Centigrade

Features & Benefits of the Unico Rage:-

Cost & Time Savings - all installation work can be undertaken from inside the building, including drilling of holes and fitting of grilles. With difficult to access external wall installation work removed, considerable time and money savings can be made.

Indoor & Outdoor Units Brought Together - Unico air conditioning units are supplies as a single unit, where traditionally this would have been two seperate units, this gives Unico more credence to planning permission being granted; especially beneficial where external units are not permitted.

Easy Installation - With just one unit to install and no interconnecting pipework needed, installation is made easy. No refrigeration experience is needed meaning plumbers, electricians and general handymen are able to install Unico. Note the unit must be mounted on an external wall as there are two ducts 200mm in diameter that pipe to the outside.

Grilles Vs Condensing Units - Unico grilles are only 202mm in diameter, hardly noticed compared to condensing units. 

Year Round Climate Control - All Unico models are available as a cooling only option. For year round comfort, a cooling and heating option is also available utilising the integrated heat pump.

Dehumidifier Function - As well as cooling and heating the air, Unico air conditioners also double up as dehumidifiers; purifying the air.

Remote Control / Wall Pad Controller - As an optional extra a wall pad controller is available. This provides another option to program and control the air, offering even more convenience.

Price includes VAT, delivery and manufacturer's 12 month warranty.
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