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Eco Air ZEPHYR 16" Low Energy DC Fan with digital control

Ultra quiet DC motor, powerful performance, and low energy. What more could you ask for out of a fan?
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Eco Air Zephyr 16" Low Energy DC Fan with digital control

EcoAir Zephyr DC fan is so a high performance low energy fan, not to be confused with cheap fans found in a supermarket forecourt. Powered by an energy efficient DC motor, it delivers high velocity and an amazingly ultra quite performance. The powerful fan blade is designed in such a way that they give an unprecedented low noise volume from as low as 27 dBa, (which in real world terms is silent).

Typically fans only come with 2 or 3 speed settings. The Zephyr delivers up to 26 speed settings, with 9 special speed settings dedicated for Chilling or Sleeping using only 0.35 watts to maximum of 27 watts. This range of speed settings not only allow you to exactly select the cooling mode, it can also be use to promote healthy air circulation. As if that's not enough you can even select a mode that mimics nature's rhythmic breeze.


There is also a multitude of electronic wizardry like heat temperature sensor, remote control, wide angle oscillation, on off timer, large back lit led display with night function, all accessible from the control panel or the full function remote controller.

Ideal for home and office, this fan is powerful, quiet, its just not the average fan. Zephyr and Aura fans does not only help to circulate cool indoor air in the summer, let them help to circulate your heated air during winter too!


ZEPHYR DC Fan Features:-

  • Extra-Large LED Display
  • Powered by 24V Low Voltage DC Motor
  • 35 Speeds - 26 speed Normal Wind, 9 speed Silent Wind
  • 8 Hours Programmed Timer
  • Oscillation Function
  • Energy Saving up to 70%
  • Multi-Function Remote Control
  • Silent Care, 27dB(A)
  • Auto Shut Off After 12 Hours’ Idle
  • Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, Nature Mode
  • Hydraulic Adjustable (Zephyr Only)
  • Unibody Easy Install (Zephyr Only)
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Portable units
  • Portable units
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