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Fujitsu Compact 4-way Flow Series AUXG12KVLA/AOYG12KBTB Comfort Cassette System

Fujitsu Comfort Cassette 4-way Flow System
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Product Description

Fujitsu Compact 4-way Flow Series AUXG12KVLA/AOYG12KBTB 3.5kw 12,000btu Comfort Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning System.

The Fujitsu compact cassette system is an extremely handy air conditioning option for those that don't have much wall space; the unit fits perfectly into a 600mm ceiling grid, offering full year round heating and air conditioning without taking up wall space. These units come with a sleek fascia panel and have a fully hard-wired controller included for complete use of the system. Its main feature is the automatic restart function. If there is a temporary power cut at any point,  the unit will restart upon power resuming, with the same settings that it held prior to the power outage.

Indoor unit, Remote controller, Outdoor unit

Unit Features:
  • Compact and stylish panel design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Flexible installation
  • Low ambient operation

Comes with Hard-Wired Controller UTYRNRYZ3 as standard:


Economy mode: A thermostat setting is adjusted automatically according to the room temperature to avoid unnecessary cooling or heating.10ºC heating operation: The room temperature can be set to not go below 10°C so that the room will not become too cold when unoccupied.Auto changeover: The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling operations based on the set temperature and room temperature.Vertical swing louver: The louver automatically swings up and down.Automatic fan speed: Microprocessor automatically adjusts the fan speed and airflow according to changes in room temperature.Auto restart: The unit automatically restarts in the previous operation mode when power returns after an outage.Sleep timer: Gradually changes the room temperature to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment.Program timer: Sets the time for 1 of the following 4 options: On, Off, from On to Off, and from Off to OnDrain pump equipped as standard

Fujitsu Compact Cassette System   AUYG12KVLA/AOYG12KBTB
Nominal Cooling Capacity (Range) KW 3.5 (0.9-4.4)
UK Cooling (Total/Sensible) KW 3.39/2.60
Nominal Heating Capacity (Range) KW 4.1 (0.9-5.7)
UK Heating KW 5.06
EER Cooling / COP Heating   3.76 / 3.80
SEER / Energy Efficiency Class - Cooling   6.60 / A++
SCOP / Energy Efficiency Class - Heating   4.30 / A+
Annual Energy Consumption Cool / Heat kwh/a 186 / 1106
Pdesign Cooling / Heating (-10 Degrees) KW 3.5 / 3.4
Indoor Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 245x570x570
Outdoor Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 542x799x290
Weight (Indoor / Outdoor) KG 15.0 / 33.0
Sound pressure Level Indoor - Min / Max DB(A) 27 / 37
Pipe Size (Liquid - Gas) mm 1/4" - 3/8"
Mix / Max Pipe Length (Precharge) - Height Difference M 3 - 25 (15) / 20
Additional Refrigerant charge g/m 20
Ref Type (Global Warming Potential)   R32 (675)
Refrigerant Charge kg / CO2eq-T   0.85 / 0.574
Power Source / Suggested Fuse Size   1PH-230V-50Hz / 10

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