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Olimpia Splendid Unico Edge Inverter 30SF R32 3kw Cooling only all in one air conditioner - available with Wi-Fi Kit

New for summer 2021....... Part of the new and improved Unico Range
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Wi-FI Kit

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Product Description
Unico Edge Inverter 30SF R32 3.0kw all in one air conditioner with Wi-Fi Kit available

- Capacity: 3.0kw
- Available in versions: SF (Cooling only) - HP (Heat Pump)
 -Installation versatility: can be high or low wall mounted
- Easy installation: Unico can be installed from the inside in a few minutes
- Wireless wall control (Optional)
- Large flap for homogeneous air diffusion in the room
- Multifunction remote control
- 24 hour Timer
- R32 Refrigerant - Better carbon emissions than the R410A models

Installation Guide

- Economy mode: allows energy saving by automatically optimizing the machine’s performance
- Fan only mode
- Dehumidification only mode
- Auto mode: changes parameters depending on ambient temperature.
- Sleep mode: gradually increases the temperature set and ensures reduced noise for greater wellbeing at night.

Cooling capacity                                                 kW 2.7
Cooling power (min/max)                                     kW 1.9/3.0
Heating capacity                                                 n/a
Heating power (min/max)                                     n/a
Nominal power consumption for cooling                PEER kW 1.0 
Nominal power consumption for heating                PCOP kW - n/a
Nominal absorption for cooling                             A - 5.0
Nominal energy efficiency index                           EERd 2.6
Nominal efficiency coefficient                              COPd - n/a
Energy consumption in “thermostat off” mode        PTO 29.0
Energy consumption in “standby” mode                (EN 62301) PSB 0.5
Energy consumption for double pipe appliances    cooling QDD kWh/h 1.0
Energy consumption for double pipe appliances    heating QDD kWh/h - n/a
Supply voltage                                                   V-F-Hz 230-1-50 
Supply voltage minimum/maximum                      V 198 / 264
Maximum power consumption in cooling mode      W - 0.7/1.4
Maximum absorption in cooling mode                   A - 3.4/6.6
Maximum power consumption in heating mode      n/a
Maximum absorption in heating mode                   n/a
Dehumidification capacity                                    l/h 1.1
Air flow rate in cooling (max/med/min)                  m³/h 490/430/360
Air flow rate in heating (max/med/min)                  n/a
Diameter wall holes                                             mm 162/202
Dimensions (L x H x D) (without packaging)          mm 902 x 506 x 229 Dimensions (L x H x D)
(with packaging)                                                mm 980 x 610 x 350 
Weight (without packaging)                                  Kg 39
Weight (with packaging)                                       Kg 43
Sound pressure (Min Max)                                   dB(A) 33-43
Degree of protection provided by covers               IP 20
Refrigerant gas* Type                                          R32
Global warming potential                                     GWP 675
Refrigerant gas charge                                         kg 0,42
Power cable                                                       (N° pole x section mm2) 3 x 1.5
Maximum temperature in cooling             (Indoor Ambient Temperature)             DB 35°C - WB 24°C
Minimum temperature in cooling              (Indoor Ambient Temperature)                   DB -18°C
Maximum temperature in heating                          n/a
Minimum temperature in heating                           n/a

This unit is covered with a 12 month warranty. If you have any questions about this listing please call the office and one of the staff would be delighted to help. 
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